Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Out Of Character

Because I'm feeling exceptionally lovey dovey today and completely out of my mouthy element, it's going to be video day at the blog spot. I haved tried hard to get back my focus but I can't seem to find my way around this manic episode. So, I did a little research and found some dance routines set to love ballads. I used these because they take up space and stick to the painfully obnoxious theme swimming in my head. Hopefully these feeling will pass soon and allow me to return to the dark side. But until then indulge me and watch...They are actually really good...I promise!

Unless you wear macrame jean shorts and have a "wife" named Chuck, this may not be for you. But, you could always try watching it anyways. For some of you it just may be the beacon of light you needed to find your way out of the closet. (This goes out to a very special Shelmet reader)
**Oh! Looks like I'm feeling better already.

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  1. (read with voice of baby Stewie from Family Guy) Who are you referring to you saucy bitch? T., Lk Worth, FL