Monday, September 14, 2009


After watching the MTV music awards I have a few things to get off my chest. Mainly, I would like to address the biggest asshole the music community has ever had the misfortune of knowing .Usually I try to be funny but this time I'm too annoyed. Thanks in advance for letting me rant.

Dear Kanye,

You are by far the biggest piece of S@#$ that has ever lived. Had I been in Taylor's shoes last night, I would have beat you mercilessly with my Moon Man while shouting my acceptance speech over your screams. You are very lucky that she is young and has a sense of decency. I doubt any of the other runners-up would have allowed you to walk off the stage unscathed.
The fact that producers allow you to attend these shows and fans keep buying your records sickens me. As a mother I have to wonder what went so wrong in your childhood. What caused you to become such an attention whore? Daddy didn't hug you enough? Mom miss too many soccer games?
You have proved, on more than one occasion, that you are a poor looser and a sorry excuse for a human being. It's a shame that God gave talent to such an abomination. I am more thankful than ever, that I have been able to barrow your music from friends for free. It will make deleting all of your songs less painful. It also brings me joy to know that not a penny of my money went to finance that ridiculous, crop-circle haircut you sport! Maybe you should spend less time crashing people's acceptance speeches and more time finding a new barber. Go off yourself!
Sincerely- The Mouthy Mommy

To my readers, if after this you are still a Kanye fan, maybe you should google some of the other gem's he has unleashed over the years. And I am not just referring to the "George Bush hates black people" speech. He is an impulsive child that needs to be punished. Please stop rewarding him by buying his music and watching his videos!

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  1. I praise you for taking a stand against Kanye. Your bravery in the face of this evil genius is admirable.

    T.E. - Lake Worth, FL

    P.S. - George Bush does hate black people.