Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiny Terrorist in the Trees...

After writing my last blog, I thought it would be a good idea to give helpful advice on combating temper tantrums. I feel that if your going to complain about how other people do things, you should at least try to come up with a better way. I am not a child psychologist, and the only real child rearing book I've read is about Ferberizing (which has nothing to do with this), so I decided to search the web for some helpful, educated tips.

Unfortunately, I found something I thought was more interesting and gave up. I also figured if you have a child that acts out, especially in public, people have already given you all the unsolicited advice you can handle. You don't need advice from me when the patrons at Walmart are doling it out by the truck load.

I find that in "Mommy Town" misery loves company. So, instead of the tantrum advice, I am going to direct you to a story that shows we are not alone in our mommy battles.
Monkeys have issues with their toddlers tantrums too. (Say that five times fast!)

Check out this great news article for more:

When you have finished reading I would love to hear some feedback on the subject.

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