Friday, August 14, 2009

Role Models

While I normally gear my blogs to the mommies out there, today I decided to engage the father fraternity.

I was doing research for a blog that I am writing about disturbing children's stories when I came across the most ridiculous book. I managed to develop a serious case of A.D.D when I became a mother, so I again put my original plans on hold and dove deeper into this new distraction.

While my sports knowledge is limited there are certain aspects of the athletic world I catch up on during the nightly news. There is one player in particular that never fails to disgust me and this is why I took such an interest. Apparently in 2006, an arrogant football star took time out of his showboating, self-indulgent schedule to write a children's book. Deemed the most selfish player in the NFL and by no means a suitable role model for kids, Terrell Owens is now a children's author.

His first book is ironically titled, "Little T Learns to Share." Apparently, "Little T" was unable to carry this lesson into adulthood. Just remember as your shelling out $14.99 on the book; those who can't do...teach. He is set to have a few follow-ups as well. The titles are as follows:

"Little T Learns to Say I'm Sorry"

"Little T Learns What Not to Say"

and my personal favorite

"Little T Learns to Count: One Pill, Two Pill, Red Pill, Blue Pill"

Now while the last one is made up the others are for real. It leaves me to question what's next? Nursery rhymes written by Charles Manson? Or better yet, maybe Micheal Vick should cash in and start a children's series of "Clifford the Big Dead Dog."

I personally have not wasted my time or energy reading any of T.O's masterpieces, but if you have please feel free to mouth off and tell me what you think.

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