Friday, August 21, 2009

School Days

School days...School days...

That's right my son, Carter, started his first day of nursery school today. The school is great! It's run by a small temple not far from where I live, and the teachers are wonderful. Carter finally has the chance to socialize with children his own age and I get some much needed me time. Life could not be better.

By now you have all seen that it's not in my nature to harp on the sunny side of things, and I am aware this first part comes off seeming exceptional cheery.

I figure with this being such a momentous occasion for our family I would give this blog the sandwich effect. Start with the good, put some crazy in the middle and end on a high note. So I hope you all are hungry because here comes a mouth full!

I woke up this morning bright and early. I just couldn't wait to get my little guy up and at-em. I dressed him in his new school clothes and lovingly packed his kosher meat-free lunch. Happy to finally get some freedom and totally oblivious to the fact that there is a mommy drop-off dress code, I left the house in my comfy bedtime attire. On this day it consisted of a pair of faded, black, stretchy yoga pants and a "Twilight" team Edward T-shirt. (What? I'm only 26. I can pull it off.)

When we got to school, the parking lot was more crowded than I expected. I noticed that there was a large group of mothers congregating around the temple's entrance with their children waiting for the gates to open. It was then that I noticed my fashion faux pa. The woman were all dressed in business clothes and stilettos. I felt mildly self-conscious but with my freedom minutes away, I put that aside and snatched Carter out of the car and walked casually to where the other moms were standing. It was painfully clear upon my arrival that though I was 26, I could not pull off this look. The mothers stared at me with grimacing faces.

You would have thought by the way they looked at me that I showed up to the Jewish nursery school wearing a giant crucifix around my neck and carrying a large sign that read, "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?" Being the Mouthy Mommy that I am, I wanted to look them all in the eyes a scream, "WHAT?! JEALOUS?"

But Carter and I are both lacking in the friend department, and I wasn't about to give the women another reason to exclude us from future play dates. Being fashionably challenged is one thing but being a crazy bitch is another. Lucky for Carter and my filter-less mind, we made it to class without incident.

When we entered the class room I was shocked at how quickly Carter adjusted. There were no tears or tantrums. It really made me smile to see how happy he was. I couldn't believe I expected there to be some sort of scene. I thought he would be crying and begging for his mommy but it never happened. The little traitor played peacefully with his classmates without giving me so much as a second look.

I took the opportunity to sneak out. I now could spend my time away from him guilt-free and Carter would finally have the chance to make friends.

I was told by many other moms that I would leave the school crying, but instead I danced my way to the car; which was easy for me considering my attire.

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